Stardust – A dreamlike, romantic, or uncritical sense of well-being.

It seemed that whenever I wanted to find a path an idea would come to me and the world would open up. When I was working on a bachelor degree many years ago, I got so bored with it that I was ready to drop out. Then I remembered that  what I really wanted to do was youth work and the person whose job I really desired had an associate degree. All I needed to do was switch programs, tighten things up and I was out the door in a year with my degree. Fortunately for me with the right connections and quite a bit of volunteer experience I walked into the very job that I wanted.

A few years later, after I had to give up this job because of a move to another city I was wondering seriously what I would do next. I had since married and had two little boys and knew that I was interested in travel and photography. How could I do these things that I loved and raise two boys? Then I realized that I still liked working with young people. I had plenty of psych and sociology classes to get a social studies teaching certification, but a degree in a foreign language would really put me ahead of the game, not to mention it would be great when traveling. I chose to study French because the time when the class met was very convenient for me. This was going to be perfect, I could teach high school and lead school trips during the summer in which my entire family could participate.

After a few years of teaching I decided I would leave after ten years of service. I really felt that a new path would come to me and the whole world would open up again. I kept to my plan to leave after 10 years but the path that I would follow had not taken shape yet. But I had great hope that it would.

Over the next few months I am going to write about my adventures and experiences and hope to share that it’s not always necessary to have a defined career and it is certainly not important to know what you’re going to do for the rest of your life. If one stays open to new ideas the world will open up.


Still working on that degree

I’ve been remiss in staying with some of my goals for my Masters of Life Degree including trying to make somewhat regular posts on my blog. But that is the glory of doing things my way. Here’s a list I wrote up for myself the first week in January. Let’s see how well I’ve done.

*Open a website – Still working on this one.

*Read: 5 non fiction, 5 classics

Non Fiction – “Quiet” by Susan Cain; “Hawaii or the Caribean?” by Lonely Planet

Classics – Well, not so great on the classics right now, although I have read some good fiction.

*Travel to Hawaii, Florida and New York City – Done, done and done.

In February I flew down to Tampa, rented a car and drove to Manasota Key for a beautiful week in the sun.


At the end of March we drove out to Phili and NYC. Stayed in NYC at the Double Tree near Broadway what a beautiful hotel in such an amazing part of the city. We attended a children’s choir concert on Sunday at Carnegie Hall, ate dinner in China town and at another nice French restaurant on 57th Street.


The first of April saw us winging our way to the Big Island of Hawaii where we spent 11 wonderful days seeing and doing everything we possibly could do.


*Learn Spanish – Using the Rosetta Stone program

*Relearn French – I keep meeting French speaking people but we’re talking in English, so still working on this one, too.

*Take mandolin lessons – taking lessons from You tube is fun, but I don’t think I’ve improved.

*Exercise everyday ( walk or kettle bell or both) – I’m on track with this goal right at the moment!

*Find free and cheap travel – This is a lot fun. I’m always finding great deals.

I have a new goal for My Master of Life Degree it’s to Travel to North Dakota this year. I’d like to go when  I can view the Northern Lights. This will fulfill my quest to travel to all of the lower 48! Then the last state will be Alaska. Hopefully next year!

What’s for dinner?

 It doesn’t look very pretty but it sure smells good! Curried pork and arugula soup with a fresh berry cobbler. How unlike me. With no coaching jobs and an otherwise drought of creative ideas it was fun to spend time in the kitchen. To give you an idea of the last time I baked anything the expiration date on the baking powder was Jan. 2007.

I’m ready for a challenge, any ideas?

Dealing with crazies

   I’ve been away from blogging a little too long. I had to deal with a crazy man yesterday. Having these people in my life zaps my creativity.  While it’s nice to be able to cut back on the craziness of life, sometimes you have to face these #@$%* s head on. Hopefully things will now calm down. This is not his picture by the way but I do have a good part of the incident on video. If I’m provoked I will release it. Now, onward to creativity!

A new career?

 I may be embarking on a new career. A free lance computer tutor for the Facebook challenged. I wonder if there’s a demand for it.

The Woods

 I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.  ~John Muir, 1913

Sleepless in Toledo

This is what I’m doing at 3 AM on a Monday morning, reading Mister Money Mustache. The reason I’m not sleeping is because I have a 9 AM meeting. I’m not extremely worried about it but I am wondering how it’s going to go. I knew I’d be a little worried and might not be able to sleep so today I did all the right things, went to mass, chatted with friends, went to breakfast with my son and his beautiful young family, took a long walk, practiced Spanish, practiced mandolin, practiced with the band for almost three hours and even managed to do a little housework. But, here I am still awake. Oh the life of an insomniac!

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